Depression, Anxiety & Stress

The demands of our modern life can take a toll on our psychological well-being, and this coupled with rising wants, desires and aspirations can lead to stress, anxiety, and in extreme cases, depression. Antarnad helps counsel people from all walks of life, as stress and anxiety are common to all of us regardless of age, profession or social status. Our approach helps identify the fundamental/core issues behind the stress and anxiety to help take a result-oriented method to overcome these problems.


Addiction comes in many forms. From the most common addictions to alcohol and drugs to video games and the Internet, Antarnad addresses these issues across a variety of age groups. In an era of immediate gratification, we, often, become more insecure and things offered to us on a platter make it difficult for us to cope with life itself. This is one of the root causes of all addictions, and using an assessment-based approach, we help people overcome and beat these addictions leading to a life of confidence and serenity.


The most unique part of marriage is that it is not only one new experience, but a bouquet of new experiences at every phase of the marriage life cycle. Pre-marriage counselling plays an important role in understanding expectation and roles to ensure a successful marriage, and throughout each new experience marriage brings, there is a need to reassess these roles, responsibilities and expectations. At Antarnad, we use our assessment-led approach to set expectations right and prepare each individual to equip themselves to cope and extract fulfillment from each new experience marriage may throw up.


Children are a large part of an individual’s definition of family, and physiological problems can cause a great distance and irritation between any couple. Infertility counselling encompasses a variety of issues from sex problems, performance issues, personality disagreements, anxiety and coping physiological issues of infertility. Coupled with physiological issue, infertility can create major issues individually and amongst the partners. Understanding how to deal and coping with these issues can lead to life of fulfillment and acceptance.


Becoming parents can be the fulfilling, but there is a need for every young parent to understand good parenting practices. A constant self-evaluation in your aspiration to be a good parent can take a psychological toll on the parents’ mental well being. From issues at the neo-natal phase to birth to adolescence, parenting can be challenging for both parents and the child. A child with disability can create an even larger challenge for parents and affect the overall quality of life. Learning parenting techniques that will work the best and customized for parent’s personality will help parenting a fulfilling experience leading to a happy and rewarding experience.


Death can be one of the biggest experiences to overcome, especially unplanned deaths of people close to us. Using a scientifically-derived approach to coping will help individuals face death with an innate confidence and maturity. This could include acceptance of death to an acceptance of a terminal illness. Learning to cope with loss is one of the biggest lessons we can give our mind, and unfortunately, the coping techniques best suited for each individual are unique to him or her.

Career & Aptitude

Each of us acquires, comprehends, and uses knowledge differently. This method is unique to each of us, and it is important to match this approach to the career we choose to lead. At Antarnad, we use an assessment driven method to measure the ability of a person to develop inherent skills and acquire knowledge. Our standardized procedure measures a person’s capability towards logical and analytical thought processes. The test also identifies an individual’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This helps us to counsel and mentor an individual into developing their ability to process and implement knowledge and suggest a career path/sector best suited to their aptitude levels.


Antarnad deals with and counsels many individuals ranging from below average intellect to genius tendencies. At times, the biggest challenges are genius level intellect combined with learning disabilities. Our assessments are able to identify the core and fundamental reasons leading to learning issues and struggles. From ADHD, difficulty in reading (dyslexia), difficulty writing (dysgraphia), and struggles in basic arithmetic (dyscalculia), Antarnad can help individuals overcome various core issues to lead a life of success and self-actualization.


There are various disabilities dealing with the mind that can hamper progress and lead to anxiety, stress and depression. At Antarnad, we also deal with individuals with nuero-developmental disorders such as autism. Emotional disorders stemming from physiological, behavioral and academic disabilities can have a great effect on the individuals and the people around him, and understanding how to cope is an important step to overcoming the challenge.

Post Diagnosis

An individual’s psychological and emotional state is at its most fragile position post receiving news of detection of cancer. Shock and disbelief are all after-effects post diagnosis of cancer. We work with individuals on accepting and coping with the news to continue to lead a normal life.


Coping with cancer is as difficult as the curing the cancer itself. The treatment side effects of radiation and chemotherapy can have a systemic emotional effect on the individual and the family. Understanding is a key to coping, and for this reason, we have inductions and knowledge sharing with individuals and their families to prepare them for what to expect from palliative care and treatments for cancer.


Even after a cancer has been cured, it takes time for our mind to live a life free from the fear of relapse and reoccurrence. This can come between the aims of an individual to live a normal life and may turn into an obsession-led fear of a relapse. We also help individuals to deal with lifestyle changes in the rehabilitation stage of cancer cure and care.

Work Life Balance

When we start working, we come full of ambition and energy, but as we grow older our priorities change. One of the biggest challenges in today’s demanding corporate life is maintaining a work-life balance. We work with individuals to help them understand an approach to build a harmonious balance without compromising on work or life!

Corporate Team Building

A cohesive team is a key to a success of any business. Businesses often struggle at developing team skills customized to the needs and demands of their industry or sector. A great team chemistry can lead to an increased productivity and develop a strong corporate culture. Using specific assessments of the individuals and industry, we are able to develop customized programmes to build deep-rooted team skills for corporates.


Leadership starts with the mind. Understanding attitudes, strengths and weaknesses can help develop strong leaders. Development of leaders begins with development of individuals to understand themselves better, and further, can help identify the leadership style best suited for an individual’s psychometric profile. We work with many individuals, teams and corporates to develop strong leadership skills to set a foundation of progress, growth and productivity to enable the true potential of any business.